January 23rd to 26th, 2020

Scheduled Events

The following calendar is available to show events that have a specific start time. While most of the NBW experience is open and unscheduled, some games require preparation and planning and can take significant amounts of time to complete (especially the war games) so we have opened up the ability to add some events to the calendar so that people can see if they would be interested in attending.

If you wish to get your event added to the calendar, simply use the contact form on the site to let us know all about the event and when you plan to run it. We will add the information to this calendar or provide you the invite instructions on how to add it yourself.

Add My Event Please

Event Submission Form

If you have an event, tournament, or game that needs to be scheduled. Please use the form below to request we add it to the calendar.
Please submit one form for EACH event, they will be added by the administrative team as soon as possible if approved for the schedule.

First Name
Last Name

If its different than you.... Please enter the name of the person who will be running this event so we can add it to the calendar and let people know

Please enter the email address of yourself or the person that would have additional details about this event if we need it.

What is the event being requested for the calendar, please include the name of the game

What is the planned start date and time so we can add it to the calendar on the correct day at the proper time

About how long will your event run? A ballpark idea would be good for people to plan on attending that may not be familiar with it

If you already have committed people, etc, let us know how many are already in and how many seats you have open now

Is there anything else players need to know? Arrive early for teaching? Any materials needed to be brought? Any specific scenarios being played? etc. This will show up on the event details of the calendar