NBW COVID / Health Policy

Last updated and in effect as of July 2nd, 2023

  • No proof of vaccination will be required
  • Masks are no longer mandatory, it is recommended but completely optional
  • If experiencing Covid-like symptoms we ask that you get tested and if positive refrain from attending
  • We will adjust this policy if the Canadian or Ontario government regulations change prior to the event 


Letter from Art & Dave... after our last update on the rules required for events... in October 2022

Dear NBW Guests,

As many of you may know, the Canadian Federal Government over the weekend (October 1st, 2022) has suspended its Covid screening regulations as it pertains to travelers coming into Canada. The Ontario Government had already significantly eased restrictions to the point that it's almost become pre-pandemic "Business As Usual". Our initial statement regarding Covid; proof of vaccination and mask wearing were more robust but with the caveat that we'll monitor changes and adjust our policy accordingly to what is happening at the Provincial and Federal levels.

Because of the recent changes, we have made the decision to drop the proof of vaccination for entry into the event and the mandatory wearing of masks at a game table. Mask wearing while optional, is highly recommended. We also ask that if you are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, that you get tested to confirm you are negative for Covid. If positive, we ask that you refrain from coming to NBW to avoid infecting fellow gamers.

We trust that this will meet with most, if not all attendees' acceptance and look forward to hosting in January.

Art and Dave

If you have purchased a pass and no longer agree with the updated policy, you are welcome to request a refund before the cut-off date (2 weeks prior to the event) by using the contact form located here.

If you are the owner of an NBW Pass, it is to be understood that you are accepting these terms and conditions as part of your NBW Pass.