Guidelines of the Convention

We all know that rules stink... but society needs some guidance. Please be sure you read all the rules below. You are accepting these when you purchase your ticket to attend. Should anyone be found violating the rules or creating trouble for the event organizers, the staff and volunteers at NBW reserve the right to dismiss you from the event without refunds or reimbursements... basically... behave and have fun and it will be an awesome time for everyone.

  1. Please note that Liquor Laws in the Province of Ontario vary differently than most places and you must be aware of them. You may consume Liquor in your hotel room at your discretion. You may purchase Liquor at the convention and consume it in the Don Cherry Sports bar (located directly outside the gaming hall). You may NOT walk around with open bottles of any alcoholic beverage nor may you bring any alcoholic beverage into the ballroom. This is the Law and it is what the Hotel expects as well. Please, if you do drink at Don Cherry Sports Bar, drink responsibly. Do not drink and drive. You are responsible for your own actions and behaviour in regards to alcohol consumption and buy purchasing a ticket to attend Niagara Boardgaming Weekend, you acknowledge abiding by the rules and assuming full responsibility for your own actions.
  2. NBW is hosted in its entirety at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Rooms are available at the Hotel and the gaming room is also in this one facility.
  3. NBW is a Fragrance & Scent-Free Zone.  For the enjoyment of all attendees, please refrain from using heavy perfumes, colognes or similar type products as they can have an uncomfortable effect on attendees with allergies or similar challenges.
  4. REFUNDS: Ticket refunds will only be issued up to the end of the day WEDNESDAY 2 WEEKS BEFORE the event begins. Requests for refunds submitted after this date will not be applicable.
  5. Family Oriented Board games, Family oriented card games and strategy games are played here. No gambling under any circumstances is permitted.
  6. Unless you are an active member of the Armed Forces, USA or Canada, uniforms of any kind are not permitted. This is an informal event and most people dress accordingly, Jeans and T-Shirts being the norm of the day. Its a gaming and open play con... you don't want to be sitting around in costumes anyway right?
  7. Food is available at the Don Cherry Sports bar, breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks in the lobby of the Hotel. Lundy’s Lane also has all the fast food and other types of amenities that you may require, based on your own personal needs. You may bring soft drinks and snacks into the Ballroom for your own consumption as you see fit. Please CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Put your garbage in the bins provided. Do not leave a mess behind when you leave the room (or a table).
  8. Check-In is at 4:00 pm for those staying at the hotel, check out is at 11:00 am. The gaming doors open typically between 8:30-9:00 am and shut late in the evening!
  9. There may be some tournament or scheduled games announced at NBW (via the website and at the event), but most gaming is simply open gaming. It is a friendly crowd and typically, pick up games are easy to get into. Some folks will post in game forums like TABS Online or our Facebook Group to schedule games to play before hand, join either group, it is free and friendly.
  10. You are welcome to bring your own games (as many as you want). You are responsible for your games so only bring them if you want to play them. If you choose to do so, there is no shelving available so your games should remain in your carrying device (bags, crates, boxes, etc) unless you bring your own small shelf. These typically stay against the walls of the game room. As it is a very friendly atmosphere, many people share and ask to share each others games at the convention... this is up to each game owner and as such, you are responsible for getting permission to borrow specific games from that owner. There is no official "free checkout" library (even though some other attendees may make their libraries available as such). Basically... there is NEVER a shortage of games to play... but you may want to bring some to share and play specifically.
  11. Niagara Boardgaming Weekend welcomes everyone, 12 years of age and up. Parents are fully responsible for attending to their children. There are no child care services on premises.
  12. NBW has a No Pets Allowed Policy, the only exception being an officially registered Service Animal.
  13. Most important rule to abide by … HAVE FUN!