Bring a Buddy Program

If you register for a "3 Day" or "Full Event" pass and bring FIRST TIME FRIENDS (they have not attended in 2019 or 2020) and they ALSO get the "3 Day" or "Full Event" passes, the FIRST ONE friend will refund you $5. The SECOND ONE will refund you $5 more. The THIRD one will refund you $20 more. Meaning if you bring 3 new attendees for the weekend or whole event... you save $30 yourself. In order to qualify for the BRING A BUDDY, you MUST add all the passes into your cart now and checkout together in one order. Once the attendees are verified new, you will get a refund issued to your order for the amount earned from the BUDDY DISCOUNT. Start by adding your pass to the cart, then hit the button to add your first guest, etc. Repeat. Once all of you are in the cart, simply check out online.